Currently Accepting: Education and Limited Exhibit Work

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  • Conservation is actively seeking to prolong the existence of the item, while maintaining its integrity. (Shown above before and after conservation)

  • Conservation treatments can repair damage to otherwise fragile items.

  • Conservation treatments can restore ph balance and sometimes remove stains that are unsightly as well as harmful to textiles.

  • Conservation can stabilize deteriorated material and show the originally intended aesthetic.

  • Exhibition work can remove textiles from harmful and less aesthetic environments and create preservation friendly exhibitions that will extend the life of the textile and the enjoyment of the viewer.

  • Articles of clothing can also be safely displayed without mannequins, even in frames!

  • Custom mannequins, made from preservation friendly materials, can be shaped to fit the unique needs of any article of clothing. Shapable hands that hold items can also be made.

  • Timeless Textiles will work with customers to provide the look and feel desired, while ensuring the object is properly supported and secure.

  • Non-textile pieces can also be revitalized and prepared for preservation friendly exhibition.

  • Exhibition work can also provide some limited stabilization for areas of loss or damage.

  • Educational workshops are available for: Basic Mounts, Ethafoam Mannequins, Dress forms, and Basic Handling and Storage. Some free how-to documents are also available. Please contact me for more information.

  • Lectures and presentations for large and small groups, on a variety of preservation (textile and non-textile) topics are available. Please contact me for more information.

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Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley, owner and proprietor, has a master’s degree, and continually pursues professional development opportunities by participating in various workshops and classes.

Jennifer has been practicing conservation for 9 years and has worked with a variety of institutions as well as individuals. She cares about preservation and enjoys helping others to preserve their treasures.